Cashmere Coat vs Merino Wool Coat

Cashmere Coat vs Merino Wool Coat

Cashmere and Merino Wool Coats
In the realm of luxury apparel, cashmere coats and merino wool coats have maintained their status as favourites for quite some time. Nonetheless, there often exists uncertainty regarding the nature of these materials and whether one surpasses the other. Both cashmere and merino stem from natural fibers produced by specific animals in the form of a woolly coat. Cashmere and merino share a reputation for their exceptional softness and quality

Merino Wool
Merino wool coats emanates from a distinct breed of sheep known as the merino sheep. While bearing resemblances to conventional sheep's wool, its individual fibers boast a notably finer gauge and softer texture than what is typically associated with sheep's wool.

Despite its softness and relatively luxurious feel, merino wool remains a form of sheep's wool, inherently containing lanolin. 

Comparing Merino and Cashmere
In contrast to most wool varieties available, cashmere doesn't originate from sheep but rather from the cashmere goat. Although classified as a type of wool, akin to sheep's wool, alpaca, and merino, its fibers are unparalleled in terms of strength, softness, and sheer opulence. Ensuring optimal warmth or coolness, dependent on weather conditions.

Is Cashmere Prone to Itchiness?
Cashmere is notably less prone to itchiness compared to other types of wool. 

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