How are Fox Fur Coats Made?

How are Fox Fur Coats Made?
An ancient art often misunderstood and shrouded in misinformation is fur coat crafting. The most skilled fur artisans are undoubtedly Italian; however, like many artisanal traditions, this one is also fading with each passing generation.

But how does the process of fur production truly occur? Demanding both time and dedication, creating a fur coat necessitates meticulous attention and deep passion. The design process for crafting a fur coat pattern is notably lengthier and more intricate than that required for any piece of clothing. This is because, in addition to considering dimensions and fur pieces, careful thought must also be given to fur type and length, making the entire process a matter of exceptional precision.

How are fur coats made?

Fur production calls for an extremely meticulous approach. It's crucial to develop a detailed pattern before delving into fur creation, as not all fur variations are suitable for this purpose. Initially, a desired model is selected, and the most fitting type of leather is identified. Once the fur type is determined, the purchase of the pelts takes place through auctions, considering precise sizing and deciding whether to maintain the natural color or dye the surface.

After obtaining tanned pelts, it's essential to carefully select them based on fur type and quality. It's important to note that each batch of pelts of the same quality will vary in some way from the others. Once chosen, the pelts undergo nailing and cutting of scrap parts, initiating the fur coat's creation. The pelts must be treated with a special grease to preserve leather and fur softness without causing damage.

Subsequently, each piece of leather is sewn together to form the desired pattern. Once completed, the fur coat is placed on a mannequin and subjected to a detailed review to correct any imperfections. Afterwards, it undergoes specific cleaning treatments, and finally, the inner lining is sewn. Every phase of the process demands particular attention and significant time.

It's worth noting that rushing the fur coat creation process is unwise, as the grease used to soften the leather won't have enough time to fully dry, resulting in a limp fur coat. The fur coat crafting process typically takes an average of 10 to 15 days, depending on the chosen model.

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