How To Store Your Fur Coat

How To Store Your Fur Coat

The storage of your Fur Coat it's very simple but very important step to keep your coat looking fresh like the first wear. If you do it right, your coat will live longer. 

· Where to store your fur coat? 

Fur does always much better in cold places, but not humid ones. In a range of 10-15 degrees is the perfect temperature, your fur coat will preserve in better conditions. 

Usually basements are not the best place since it tends to have a higher insulation of humidity and this factor will disturb your coat. 

If you can keep your coat out for the exposure of the light it will be the best option since light may change the colour of your fur coat. 

· How to store your fur coat?

Chose the best bag and avoid plastic bags they aren't good for fur since it prevents air. The best option is a big cotton bag, fresh and do not squeeze your fur coat otherwise it may lose the original shape. 

If you follow this tips, you will be able to enjoy your coat for years since they are made to last you many years looking like your first wear. Chose always best qualities and great trusts-worthy companies. 

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