How to wash and clean a Fox Fur Coat

How to wash and clean a Fox Fur Coat
Knowing how to clean a fur is of utmost importance. Many individuals mistakenly believe that simply tossing it in the washing machine or hand-washing it is sufficient. Unfortunately, those who choose this route will end up irreparably damaging this precious garment. Considering that furs are often worn during winter, when snow, rain, and wind are the order of the day, it's inevitable that they lose their luster and require cleaning. The simplest step after each use involves gently shaking the fur to remove any traces of dust that have nestled into the fur.

If the fur were to become wet due to rain, the first step is to vigorously shake it to free it from the water. Subsequently, it will be necessary to gently blot it with a clean cotton cloth, preferably white. It's important to blot rather than rub the fur, and in both cases, it's crucial to act calmly, avoiding overly vigorous movements. Once blotted, it's advisable to let the fur dry overnight in a cool and well-ventilated area, hung on a wide hanger to preserve its shape.

Another crucial step is fur brushing with a specialised fur brush. It's essential to follow the natural direction of the fur and make small, consistent movements, treating a small section at a time.

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