Most Common Fur Questions

Most Common Fur Questions

· Why my fur has a slight smell/scent? 

Before being turned into a ready to wear the garment has to go through different process and the fur or faux fur might acquire a peculiar smell. This factor is totally normal but the most important thing is that the smell of chemicals always disappears. The more the coat is being used such as on the street, in natural conditions the smell sooner will disappear. 

· Can I dry my fur after rainy days? 

We always recommend to leave your fur to dry itself from the rain. The Faux Fur range is different, we always recommend to use your hair drier to massage the fur specially after rainy days. 

· How your coat should fit you? 

If you usually like to wear a thick sweater or a blazer underneath your fur coat, try to ensure it will be comfortable wearing it all together. It should sit on you and feel comfortable on the shoulders, if it feels too tight then you have purchased incorrect size. 

· Is it normal if my coat sherds fur pelts? 

Yes, it is totally normal. The item comes packed and unused and it needs to be worn and being on the street on natural conditions for some pelts fall. Do not worry because this factor will only appear at the beginning. 

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