Women Fox Fur Parka

Women Fox Fur Parka

This year, the colorful fur-trimmed parka remains a must-have. Many customers adore the parka not only for its exceptional comfort and warmth but also for its versatility to complement elegant outfits.

Nowadays, virtually all fur-trimmed parkas consist of two components: the outer shell, typically crafted from cotton canvas, and the inner fur vest. The exterior of the parka is also fashioned from suede or waterproof fabric. As for the inner fur of parkas, fox fur parka is the most commonly used variety, perfectly aligning with the parka's oversized style. Notably, several luxury fur brands have even fashioned the inner lining of parkas using sable.

The combination of fur and the parka design is seamless. These parkas are usually fashioned in a standard length of 80 cm, with some specific cases featuring longer lengths.

The models produced by MVFURS encompass both trendy oversized styles and more tailored options with non-padded sleeves, as well as other waterproof parka designs. MVFURS genuine fur-trimmed parka is favored by customers who appreciate a relaxed fit, as well as those who lean towards an oversized look. What sets MVFURS apart is the offering of parkas with detachable fur-lined interiors, providing the flexibility to wear only the parka during milder periods or solely the fur-lined sleeveless piece. 

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